Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2008

This articled describes how to install Active Directory Domain Services for a brand new forest on Windows Server 2008.

Server Manager

Server Manager Shortcut1. Click Start and click Server Manager.
Server Manager2. In Server Manager, click Roles.
Add Roles3. In the Roles page, click Add Roles.

Add Roles Wizard

Server Roles1. In Add Roles Wizard, click Next.
Add Roles Wizard2. Check Active Directory Domain Services and click Next.
Active Directory Domain Services3. In Active Directory Domain Services, click Next.
Confirm Installation Selections4. In Confirm Installation Selections, click Install.
Installation Progress5. The installation will now proceed.
Installation Results6. Click Close this wizard and launch the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (dcpromo.exe).

Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard

Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard1. In the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard, click Next.
Operating System Compatibility2. In Operating System Compatibility, click Next.
Choose a Deployment Configuration3. Select Create a new domain in a new forest and click Next.
Name the Forest Root Domain4. Specify the fully qualified domain name of the new forest root domain and click Next.
Set Forest Functional Level5. Select your forest functional level and click Next.
Set Domain Functional Level6. Select your domain functional level and click Next.
Additional Domain Controller Options7. Review the domain controller options and click Next.
Location for Database, Log Files, and SYSVOL8. Review the Active Directory folder paths and click Next.
DSRM Administrator Password9. Specify a strong password for the Directory Service Restore Mode Administrator account and click Next.
Summary10. Review your selections and click Next.
Installing11. The installation process will now begin.
Finish12. Click Finish.
Restart13. Click Restart. Active Directory is now installed.

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Reader Comments

Is it possible not to check the dns in creating active directory if you have existing bind in linux? or is it really required?

Unfortunately, it is really required. Microsoft added proprietary functions to their DNS server so it cannot be replaced with a non-Microsoft solution.

Thankx it helps me a lot.


I would like to know how to upgrade Windows 2003 AD environment to Windows 2008 AD environment.

Do I do a fresh install and add AD to existing forest. Or can I just upgrade OS Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008.

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